Like most Unprogrammed Friends’ Meetings the Santa Barbara Meeting doesn’t have a paid staff or ministers. This approach reaches back to the original Christian experience that did not rely on a formal church structure for its existence. Administration and activities are managed by various Committees. Here is the current list of:

Clerks, Committees and Representatives

Clerk: Lane Clark
Alternate Clerk: Stephen Pope

Recording Clerk:  Caroline Alcorn
Alternate Recording Clerk: Debora Schreiber

Treasurer:  Pat Robertson
Alternate Treasurer:  James Robertson

Historian & Recorder:  Pat Robertson
Library:  Nancy Lynch
Meetinghouse:  Kevin Meaney
Ministry and Care Convenor:  Carol Hauer
Finance Convenor: Mary Thompson
Newsletter Editor:  Basha Millhollen
Nominating:  Pat Robertson
Peace & Earthcare & Social Concerns:  Lane Clark
Religious Education:  Denise Williams

American Friends Service Committee:  Dorothy Sewell
Friends Committee on Legislation:  Nancy Lynch
Alternate Friends Committee on Legislation: James Robertson
Friends Committee on National Legislation: Elizabeth Weber
Pacific Yearly Meeting: Peter Neumann
Southern California Quarterly Meeting Directory: Stephen Pope

If you would like to contact anyone, please use our contact form and put their name in the subject line.




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