Alternatives to Violence Project

The Alternatives to Violence Project was founded by a group of Quakers and prisoners in Green Haven Prison in New York in 1975 in response to the Attica Prison “riots”. Santa Barbara Friends Meeting has been a strong supporter of the Alternatives to Violence Project conflict resolution workshops, since this program came to ¬†California in 1991. (For more information on AVP in California visit or call 800 905 6765 ext 2.
With the support, both financially and with meeting space, AVP continues to actively participate locally with facilitators at the California Men’s Colony (prison in San Luis Obispo), Santa Barbara Juvenile Hall and community workshops with a wide range of the Santa Barbara residents including at-risk youth, Las Abuelitas.
The local Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) team held two 20-hour AVP workshops at Santa Barbara Juvenile Hall with a mix of youth and adults as participants. The response was very positive, and it is being planned to continue on a regular basis, possibly expanding to include participants from the youth camp. AVP facilitators from Santa Barbara also took part in the initial AVP pilot in the San Luis Obispo Juvenile Hall, which is also going to continue. The facilitators found the youth to be very open to the AVP process. For more information, please use our contact form to connect with Pat Hardy or Stephen Pope, putting “AVP” in the Subject line.
No longer a Quaker project, AVP, like many other things begun by Friends has taken on a life of its own in 45 countries around the world and 30 states (
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